Let’s Get to Work

The Wisconsin Let’s Get to Work project is a five-year, national systems change grant that will lead to improved community employment outcomes for youth with intellectual and developmental disabilities in transition.
Manitowoc’s Jobs First Campaign Kick Off

Manitowoc’s Jobs First Campaign Kick Off

Funded by the Administration on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities the project focuses on improving, developing and implementing policies and practices that raise community expectations and overall employment outcomes for youth with intellectual/developmental disabilities (I/DD). View Project Overview View Project Outcomes and Recommendations

DID YOU KNOW!?!  Students with disabilities who have two work experiences while still in high school increase their odds of being employed after high school FIVE-FOLD!  Learn more here.  

The Project has 4 Main Parts:

  • Consortium A group of 60-70 stakeholders from a variety of perspectives including youth, families, employment experts, advocates, service providers, teachers, etc.  The Consortium drives the project and focuses on policy implementation and strategy.
  • School Pilot Sites Nine pilot schools have been selected to implement a coordinated set of intervention strategies and awareness building activities with a minimum of 5 students per school.
  • Coaching Team The pilot schools receive regular and intense training and technical assistance from Coaches with expertise in a variety of topics such as job development, fading job supports, and person centered planning.
  • Policy Team The policy team takes the policy recommendations from the Consortium and puts them into action.

Project Outcomes

  • 66% of LGTW students have a paid, integrated job in their community (as of Fall 2014).
  • Tripled the number of LGTW students with paid jobs in their communities in the first year!
  • After 3 years, more than 60% of LGTW students are workingin their communities.
  • More LGTW students are participating in typical school and community activities with their peers without disabilities (a nearly 50% increase in integrated activities).

Technical Assistance

Technical assistance is provided to the 8 states awarded a Partnerships in Employment grant (known as Let’s Get to Work in Wisconsin) by the Institute on Community Inclusion.  For more information, view the Partnerships in Employment website.