Self-Determination Resource Library

Background Information on Self-Determination

NLTS2 Fact Sheet – research findings on self-determination for youth with disabilities. 

NCSET Research to Practice Brief– about self-determination and tips for promoting it. 

Whose Life Is It Anyway? – different perspectives on self-determination for a transitioning youth.

Opening Doors to Self-Determination – a guide for teachers, students, and families. 


Practice Information and Tips

DCDT Fact Sheet – a document about goal-setting for youth with disabilities along with a list of additional resources. 

Foundations – a toolkit about fostering self-determination for educators. 

Lesson Plan Examples – on various topics that can be used or adapted when working on self-determination. 

Fostering Self-Determination – a set of activities and lesson plans to build self-determination skills. 

Self-Determination Ideas for Paraprofessionals– a set of specific ways to promote self-determination compiled from a survey of paraprofessionals from across WI along with a lists of resources.  


Resources Geared Toward Students

The Speak-Up Guide– a resource book students can use on its own or with additional accompanying materials. 

The 3R’s of Self-Determination – a student practice guide about rights, responsibilities, and resources for increasing self-determination.  

LeadershipTips for Youth – a list of ideas for youth interested in gaining self-determination skills through leadership training. 


Resources Geared Toward Parents

Fostering Self-Determination – a parent to parent guide for providing opportunities for children and youth to build self-determination skills along with a list of additional resources for parents and teams.