Community Work Experiences

Students need opportunities to directly explore and practice the types of jobs they are interested in pursuing. Experiences should be varied, based on individual career goals, continue through the summer months, and provide students opportunities to develop a range of work and life skills. Students should have a minimum of two paid experiences prior to exiting school.


Tools to Use

7 Ways for Students to Gain Work Experience – This will give you seven options designed to support career development for youth with disabilities. 6 Steps for Providing Employment Supports – This helps you understand the process of providing assistance to people with I/DD in seeking employment and succeeding at a job.

Tips and Steps for Job Coaching – This helps you understand the steps to take to optimize the effectiveness of job coaching and foster increased independence.

Getting to Work: Transportation Options for Students with Disabilities – This will help you think through the many transportation options available and give you ideas on how to fund various options. 

Making the Most of Summer: 3 Ways to Expand Summer Employment OpportunitiesNEW! Learn how Let’s Get to Work Pilot Schools made the most of summer!  These ideas will get you thinking about what may work in your school. 

Discovery Notes Form – Use this to document observations made during student volunteer opportunities or work experiences.

Log for Tracking Career Exploration Activities – Use this to keep track of career exploration activities and work experiences with students. Student Work Experience Record Tool – Use this to collect detailed information for career development when students are engaged in extended work experiences with employers. Sample Worksite and Job Analyses Combined Form Sample Worksite Analysis Form Sample Job Analysis Form Sample Task Analysis Form

Frequently Asked Questions About Student Work Experiences – This helps you understand the safety, liability and legal considerations when providing work experiences and internships.

Handout: FAQs about Student Work Experiences for Employers – Give this handout to employers when arranging student work experiences.

Checklist for Arranging Student Work Experiences – Use this when setting up community work experiences for students.

Recommended Employment Resources and Trainings for TeachersThis helps you understand the kinds of information and training you will need on employment and where to find it.  Effective Job Development Strategies – This helps you understand effective to use with students to get the most out of your job development efforts.