Coordination of Transition Services

In order for best practices in transition services to be consistently implemented within any school or district, there must be time dedicated to overseeing the educational and community services being offered to facilitate successful passage from school life to young adult life for students. This is particularly the case for students with more significant disabilities.


Tools to Use

What is Transition Coordination? – Helps you to consider the tasks involved in coordination of services and supports for students to have better employment and life outcomes. Transition to Employment Services Rating Scale and Transition Services Tracking Form – Use these tools to track opportunities provided to and progress toward employment made by individual students.  Schools and Districts can use data from numerous students to determine overall strengths and areas of need in transition services based on a comprehensive set of evidence-based practices.

Information and Resources for Promoting Self-Determination – The LGTW team has compiled a list of free resources that might be useful to you in explaining to teams why self-determination is so important in transition and expanding the scope of ways you teach it.  There are certainly other resources available and using what you find works well for individual students is a great way to go.  You can also visit the Self-Determination Resource page on this website.  

3 BIG IDEAS for Supporting Self-Determination in Transition to Employment – Quick ways to apply self-determination to transition and employment planning.