Lincoln High School Manitowoc, WI

The “Ships”

Manitowoc students work with parks dept disc golfLincoln High School staff are increasing inclusive education opportunities for students with disabilities and reducing student tracking. Since the grant started, Lincoln has had 5 students in paid jobs, increased parent participation, a stronger relationship with DVR and, for the first time a sophomore who has significant cognitive and physical disabilities led her IEP meeting and informed her parents that after graduation she wants to live with friends and work with computers!

Lincoln High is also working on a partnership with UW-Manitowoc to help interested youth participate in a food service training program that is open to youth with and without disabilities.

Lincoln High’s goals are to prepare all students with disabilities to gain work skills and spend time in a variety of community settings by age 18; increase the number of students with disabilities in general education classes and club and extra-curricular activities; increase the number of students with disabilities involved in volunteer and service activities; increase school-community connections. Already more students have signed up for general education classes for next fall and more students and parents are talking about planning for future employment.  More students are also participating in extra-curricular activities.  School staff have found this didn’t take a lot of extra work, it was just an area that needed more focused attention.  For more information on their project, check out their video.

Lincoln High students led a Jobs First Campaign in November for Senator Leibham.  150 people participated in this day long event.  Students presented their goals and dreams for community employment, cooked and served a delicious lunch, and facilitated an open discussion about youth employment.  Lincoln is already planning a follow up Town Hall meeting with the Senator in February.