For Employers

Partners with Business Toolkit

Partners with Business is a cost-effective way to support workers with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities to be successful on the job. It capitalizes on the natural use of co-workers and supervisors in the workplace and compliments this support with more formal supports, when necessary. 

This toolkit contains fact sheets to help you understand and/or implement the Partners with Business model.

The Partners with Business model can help you attain greater flexibility to meet your business needs, improve your bottom line, and achieve your workplace diversity goals. 

Click here to view the entire toolkit. 

Videos of Youth with Disabilities Working

One of the best ways to appreciate how employment can work for employers and people with disabilities is to see real life examples of it happening.  Below are the employment stories of youth who have participated in the Let’s Get to Work project.  

Cullen’s Employment Story (2:55) 

Brandon’s Employment Story (2:15) 

Alexis’s Employment Story (2:00) 

James’ Employment Story (1:15)

Additional Helpful Resources for Employers

“Going to Work” Youth Video Series